Thursday, February 1

a cure for love

*üst not: her şeyden çabucak sıkıldığım gibi, aşkla ilgili blog yazmaktan da artık sıkıldım. ancak insan nerede ne zaman kiminle ya da ne ile karşılaşacağını bilemiyor. işbu yazı upper intermediate 3 sınıfının final sınavı listening textinden alıntıdır.

In the run-up to St. Valentine's day, the shops are full of greeting cards which display two naked children and some boring statements such as "Love never has to say you're sorry." That's not love. Most people who are in love spend their whole time having to apologise to each other. Love is something else entirely. Love is "irregular heart beating and breathlessness. It is dryness of the mouth, dampness of the palms, your body shaking, weakness and confusion." I found this list of symptoms in a text book of psychiatry under "anxiety"

On this evidence it can be said that love is closely related to fear. Love is anxiety; anxiety about rejection, anxiety about failure, anxiety that you are about to make a fool of yourself. This may sound cynical but in fact it's very good news for lovers because anxiety can completely be recovered.

There are three types of solutions for anxiety; environmental change, physical treatment and psychotherapy. In Victorian times, environmental change was most commonly prescribed. Dance therapy is a kind of physical treatment which gets my vote as well because jumping up and down at some awful disco makes you feel better. Psychoteraphy is a complex subject but the basic idea is that "the patients should be encouraged to look at the underlying problems and take necessary decisions." Most people cannot find such heroic solutions and give up the fight and book the restaurant for February, 14th. People who have chosen this route are beyond medical help.

textin tamamını okumaya üşenenler için özet:

Love is a panic attack.

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