Thursday, June 16

42cm of unhappiness

La Liga'yı 16. sırada bitirip küme düşmekten zor kurtulan getafe, müthiş bir reklam yapmış. videonun youtube çevirisini de kopyalıyorum, yanlışlık varsa ispanyolca bilen arkadaşlar uyarsınlar düzeltelim.

Guy: I tried my best in the match yesterday. I shouted, I cried, I laughed. I emptied my guts.
I think I don't have feelings anymore.

Koala: Without feelings? Listen to this.

Song: I'm blind, I'm tiny and I run slow.
I always wanted to love and be loved.
But my wife keeps me in bed with her plush toys while she loves somebody else.

Koala is my name and miserable my surname.
Because of being hairy I bleed when I shave.
When I jump my rotula dislocates without reason.

When I love deeply my heart shatters.
I like masked superheros. I guess I'm a damn midget full of complexes.
If all this wasn't enough, I got another big problem.
When I'm happy I look like a fucking idiot.

Girl chorus: Poor animal with 42 centimeters of unhappiness.

Koala: Were you moved?
Guy: No.
Claim: GETAFE. Empty of feelings. Until next season.

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